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About Us

Kashmir Kessar Mart is a family owned enterprise and a business unit of Azad Holdings.

We are the pioneers in mass procurement, in house processing, trading and export of natural agro products from the famous, beautiful, picturesque valley of Kashmir. Kashmir provides perfect euro analogous climate, warm moist growing conditions, rich temperate soil and terrain renowned world over for growing & commerce of Walnuts, Saffron, Almonds, Dried Apples, All sorts of Berries, Medicinal Plants, Walnut Oil, Almond Extract and last but not least, bestowed with the outburst of earthy emperor of natural proteins – Morels.

With intense dedication, greater processing knowledge and with 40 years of modest trading familiarity & expertise, all our line of products go through execution and conduction of meticulous grading, standardized cleaning, superior semi-mechanized processing and automatic line packing under a single roof establishment & firm eminence control standards. Our commitment to the success of our business clientèle and honest commerce relations speaks for itself. Through our devoted RD & QA team, state of the art processing plant & a devoted workforce of 300 employees, we are geared up to meet any of your necessities on all matters of our products & business affairs. .Our assurance of superior and sanitized processing, rapid deliveries and true business code is blindly matchless and unparallel to any trading house from the valley! Your satisfaction remains our prime motive.

Our Pledge:·
  • The best RD & QA lab testing to uphold continuous quality check prior to marketing & dispatch to ensure a world class product.
  • Finest semi-auto shell exclusion process in the valley.
  • Unsurpassed grading through high performance physical conveyer sorting pilots our wholesome products to a 100% foreign matter free and upgraded end use phase.
  • Export standardized packaging under strict sanitized conditions to suit the end users needs & taste in a best possible manner.
  • Best customer service with prompt attention to any needs and on most favorable terms.
  • Meeting delivery requirement regardless of market fluctuations. Best possible supply time &quality guarantee to elevate the creations of trading.
  • To build a repute on supplying the world class products. To ensure the quantity you need, the quality you trust and the price you can afford.
  • We are at your disposal to enlighten ourselves with your valued experience & observations, participation through all stages of product development, meeting all your ingredient needs to suit your taste and to become partners with all discriminating buyers all across the globe.
  • We would be more than delighted to get an admirable opportunity to discuss the future of Walnuts, Walnut Kernels, Morels, Saffron, Apples Dried, Almonds & Medicinal plants & herbs. Commerce of this tiny mountain world against all global limits is self explanatory. We are always on look out for new doors of opportunity to bud these products in the European, US and other world markets